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Me with my kwon-do, 1993.

Left to right - Francisco Ramos, Prof. Rick Alemany, Burt Moruoka, Biardo, myself, Rudy Baliso - at Alemany's school, 1972.

Left to right - Adolfo Gonzales, Prof. Rick Alemany, Francisco Ramos, myself - at California Karate Championships, 1974.

Five generations of Shaolin Kenpo; each person is the student of the person on their right. Left to right - Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro, Prof. Rick Alemany, myself, Sifu Mike Cataline, Roxanne Sedeño - at ATAMA National Seminar in LA, 1992.

My Kobudo Sensei Nishiuchi, Mikio, kneeling center, I am at his right.

Great Grandmaster Edmund Parker and me after my winning the 1982 Kenpo Kata division at the International Karate Championships.

Sijo Adriano Emperado, head of the Kajukenbo system, and me at the Los Angeles airport, 1978.

Me practicing in Maile, Oahu, 1968.

My 1st Kajukenbo teacher, Prof. Walter L. N. Godin, 1964.

Left to right - Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro, me, Great Grandmaster William K. S. Chow - at California Karate Championships, 1981.

Working out with Brother Abe Kamahoahoa, me, Sanka, Darrel (his sons) at his Waianae Lion's Club school, 1974.

Three of the co-founders of Kajukenbo system, my teacher and me. Left to right - Prof. Joe Holck (Jujitsu), Prof. Walter Godin (my teacher), Prof. Frank Ordonez (Judo/Jujitsu), Prof. Peter Choo (Karate-Tang Soo Do), me, June 16, 1995.

Sijo Adriano Emperado (Kenpo), co-founder and head of the Kajukenbo system.

Receiving my belt from Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro in the presence of my Kajukenbo teacher, Walter Godin, December 17, 1994.

High ranking black belts of Shaolin Kenpo. Left to right, Prof. Rob Castro, Prof. July Castro, Prof. Genaro Jose, Prof. Boss Castro, Prof. Rick Alemany, and myself, December 17, 1994.

Me breaking some bricks after my promotion, December 17, 1994.

Roxanne Sedeño, Mike Cataline, Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro, me, Joe Gurule, December 17, 1994.

Prof. Thomas Young, student of Great Grandmaster James Mitose and classmate of GGM William K.S. Chow, and me in Honolulu, 1991.

Prof. Walter L. N. Godin, my 1st Kajukenbo teacher, and me, 1996.

My old classmate Prof. Martin Buell (Kempo/Kajukenbo), 1991.

Great Grandmaster Edmund Parker and me at his home, September 9, 1980.

Me at my school after a tournament in 1980.

My wife Theresa Sedeño and me after a tournament in 1980.

Me, Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro, Professor Rick Alemany, 1979.

Ready for action, Prof. Rick Alemany and Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro, 1979.

My son Raymond Sedeño getting even with Dad.

At my induction into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. My black belts and me. Left to right - Mike Cataline, Vince Carta, me, Dave Skales - May 15, 1993.

My Kobudo Sensei Mikio Nishiuchi, his Sensei Takashi Kingo, me, and Dale Sussdorf.

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