Directory of Member Schools

Ralph Castro's Shaolin Kenpo
School's Home Page

69 Washington Street
Daly City, California 94014
(650) 755-8996

Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro - Email

Lightning Ram Shaolin Kenpo
School's Home Page

Sacramento, California
(916) 367-9013

Grandmaster R. Robert Castro - Email

American Shaolin Kenpo

3620 Lone Tree Way
Antioch, California  94509
(925) 777-0100

Grandmaster May Castro-Manner - Email
and Professor Wil Manner      - Email

Black Dragon Shaolin Kenpo
School's Home Page

Maui, Hawaii

Grandmaster Boss Castro - Email

Panther Breaks Loose Shaolin Kenpo

19 Backus Ave
Pasadena, California 91107
(626) 577-7900

Grandmaster June Castro-Michalowski - Email

Eagle Spreads its Wings Shaolin Kenpo
School's FaceBook Page

300 Centennial Way
Tustin, California 92780
(714) 337-8906

Sr. Master Professor July Castro-Steinhorn - Email

Lion Stands Alone Shaolin Kenpo
School's Home Page

Antioch, California

Sr. Master Professor Marvin Cunningham

Leaping Tiger Shaolin Kenpo

San Francisco, California 94110
(415) 550-8719

Sr. Master Professor Sam Lucas - Email

Fire Dragon Shaolin Kenpo
School's Home Page

Daly City, California 91405
(650) 992-6058

Sr. Master Professor Gerald Ronan - Email

Twin Dragons Shaolin Kenpo

Concord, California 94521
(925) 602-5600

Professor David Rico - Email
and Sibok Mike Baker        

Lama's Kenpo Karate

474 San Mateo Avenue
San Bruno, California 94066
(650) 583-3030

Professor Moe Lama - Email
Blossoming Lotus Shaolin Kenpo
School's Home Page


Professor Alex Trevisan
Running Tiger Shaolin Kenpo

905 Selby Avenue
St. Paul, Minnesota 55104
(651) 247-6602

Professor David Meyer - Email
Tiger Palm Shaolin Kenpo

590 Leland Ave
San Francisco, California  94134
(415) 425-0800

Professor Teodora Ildefonzo-Olmo - Email
Screeching Eagle Shaolin Kenpo Karate
School's Home Page

San Jose, California

Sibok Leo Lopez - Email

The Way of the Tiger Fist Shaolin Kenpo

Gimnasio Ochoa,
Plaza del Conde de Barajas, 3
28005 Madrid, Spain
(91) 366 30 30

Sibok Francisco J. Viciana - Email


Campos Shaolin Kenpo Karate

813 Davis St. Suite A
Vacaville, California 95687
(707) 625-0268

Sibok William Campos - Email
Leaping Leopard Shaolin Kenpo

Hayward, California 94545
(650) 281-3930

Sibok Joe Santiago - Email
Eagle Flies Low Shaolin Kenpo

5353 Almaden Expressway, Suite D12
San Jose, California 95118
(408) 230-0692

Sibok Kim Ostrowski - Email
Pacific Shaolin Kenpo
School's Home Page

P.O. Box 573
Shelton, Washington 98584
(360) 470-2208

Sifu John Kraft - Email
Mr. Sam Kraft      
Eye of the Tiger Shaolin Kenpo
School's Home Page

Full Spectrum Martial Arts
101 Grobric Court
Fairfield, California 94534
(707) 438-2783

Sifu Rick Galten - Email
Ripping Tiger Shaolin Kenpo
School's Home Page

30060 Mission Blvd.
Hayward, California 94544
(415) 717-8000

Sifu Philip Tesorero - Email

Fire Dragon Shaolin Kenpo Philippines
School's Home Page

Alabang, Manila, Philippines

Mr. Joey Muchada                  
c/o Professor Gerald Ronan
- Email


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