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Biography: Gerald Ronan

7th Degree Black Belt, SHAOLIN KENPO

Professor Gerald Ronan has studied the art of Shaolin Kenpo with Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro since 1984. He became an assistant instructor in 1991 and earned his first degree black belt on December 30, 1992. While pursuing his college studies, he continued to study and teach the art of Shaolin Kenpo, and earned his 3rd degree black belt on December 17, 1994. With the consent of Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro, he established his own school, Fire Dragon Shaolin Kenpo.

Professor Ronan is the chief instructor of Fire Dragon Shaolin Kenpo. He is assisted by his father, Sifu Vince Ronan Sr., 3rd Degree Black Belt, as school director, his brother, Sibok Vince Ronan Jr., 5th Degree Black Belt, as an assistant instructor, and his mother, Corazon Panopio Ronan, RN. On December 12, 1998, Professor was awarded his 5th Degree Black Belt, his 6th Degree Black Belt on June 21, 2003 and on December 17, 2005, Professor Gerald Ronan was awarded his 7th Degree Black Belt by Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro.

Professor Gerald Ronan, Sibok Vince Ronan Jr, and Sifu Vince Ronan Sr. are the founders of Shaolin Kenpo Philippines. The Chief instructor is Mr. Joey Muchada. The Fire Dragon Shaolin Kenpo Philippines school is located at Alabang, Metro Manila.

Fire Dragon Shaolin Kenpo is a member of the International Shaolin Kenpo Association, ISKA.

Gerald Ronan graduated from San Francisco State University on June 2001 with a B.S in Business Administration and earned his MBA at Keller Graduate School of Management at DeVry University San Francisco on February 2006. Growing up in Daly City, he attended the School of the Highlands, M.H Tobias, Our Lady of Mercy, Westmoor Highschool, and Skyline College. He continues teaching and studying the art of Shaolin Kenpo with Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro in Daly City, California.

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